House System »

House system is a service-cum training organization, its aim are:-

  • To promote the welfare of the students.
  • To promote better student-teacher relationship.
  • To impart citizenship training. To encourage self discipline.
  • To impart training in the skill of management and leadership.

The students have been classified into four houses as under:-

Agni Vayu Aditya Angira

Each house is headed by a house warden and a house captain (a student and is subdivivided into four units, each unit under the charge of house master (teacher). The house shall perform the following duties in rotation.

  • To manage the morning assembly.
  • To write three news (international, National and Sports) and a thought for the day on the blackboard at a central place for the display.
  • To explain the thought in a short speech in the assembly.
  • To check the latecomers and mark them in the diary for action against defaulters.
  • Maintenance of order during recess.
  • Supervision of the school canteen.
  • Looking after the general cleanliness.
  • Uniform checking.
  • Arranging house competitions in sports, arts and cultural areas.