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SCHOOL PROVIDES TRANSPORT FACILITY TO THE STUDENTS WITHIN FEW KILOMETERS. No efforts are spared to ensure the safety of students.

Transport Rules ›

  • Students should be at their bus stop at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time in the morning. Buses will not wait for latecomers.
  • School will not be held responsible for any road accident in which the bus may unfortunately be involved.
  • In case a parent/authorized escort is not present at the bus stop on the 1st return trip, the child will be brought back to the school. It will be the responsibility of the parent/escort to pick up the children from the school.
  • If any student is found using school transport unauthorisedly, he/she is liable to pay one month transport fee. In the case the act is repeated, full session transport fee will be charged.
  • Full session transport fee will be charged from school bus users.
  • After August no application for withdrawal of transport will be considered.
  • Some students are commuting by private vans. The school will not be responsible for the vans as they have nothing to do with the school.
  • One month notice must be given before withdrawing the student from the use of school bus facility or one month’s fee in lieu of the notice only if there is a change of residence.
  • The responsibility of safe conduct of the students of safe conduct of the students at the point from where the bases pick them up and return drop them is, of course, that of the parent/guardians.

Some safety measures for traveling in a bus / Vehicle ›


  • Do not stand behind or in front of bus vehicle, as the driver will not be able to see you while reversing or moving forward the vehicle.
  • Do not try to board or jump off the vehicle.
  • Do not try to board or get down from bus in middle or road.
  • Do not stand on the foot board of bus/vehicle.

Do not lean or peep out of the door /window of the bus/vehicle ›


  • Board into get down from bus in an orderly(discipline)
  • Put your bag under the seat or at the specified place.
  • Step into or out of the bus only when it is at rest or comes to complete halt.
  • Leave seat(s) nearest to entry/exit door for your teacher(s) accompanying you in the bus.
  • Do not lean or peep out of the door/window of the bys/vehicle.

NOTE:- In order to develop safety consciousness, road sense and personal safety, children should be encouraged to acquaint themselves with traffic rules.