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Video Conferencing  

                                                                  Video Conference Session  of Class VIII- Nationalist Movement

The students of class VIII of DAV Narela, actively participated in a video conference session on the topic Nationalist Movement with DAV Dwarka.

They presented their views infront of the peer group with great confidence . It was a highly interactive session where in everyone got to learn from each other by the ways of presentation and question answer session.
During the session they discussed, how the merger of political, socio-cultural and economic factors led to Nationalist movement that gained freedom of our country. Both the mentors of the session applauded the efforts of the children.
                                                                          Video Conference Session  of Class II- Animal World
A thrilling and exuberating Video conference session of class 2 students was conducted on October 21, 2019 in the school. The topic of the session was Animal World. The children exhibited great enthusiasm while sharing their views.
They talked about various land, water and air animals and birds and discussed  their special features .They also talked about various wild and domestic animals and told their various uses to humans . Though some of them expressed themselves confidently while others  dressed up  like animals and told their specific characteristics. 
It was a great learning experience for the children as they got a platform to share their ideas in front of their peer group. The session ended with a brief question answer session in which all the participants showed great zeal.